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Inclusive Support for Indigenous and non Indigenous People

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society (toll-free)     1(800)721-0066

     24hr Crisis Line 1 (866) 925-4419  for          further support or assistance.






PTSD and Panic Attacks

Mona helped me escape from a traumatic work environment in almost the blink of an eye! She then provided me with helpful strategies to recover from the PTSD and panic attacks as I got used to a stable work environment again. She is a resourceful person with the broadest shoulders of anyone I have had the privilege of knowing. Her imaginative sense of humour also helped me cope with the grief and trauma related to my sister's death. She restored my faith in humanity post-pandemic but also reminds me that it's okay to be choosy and trust your gut instincts.

The Day My Life Changed for the Better

As a first timer seeking therapy for substance abuse, Mona welcomed me with open arms and was a very down to earth person that I felt comfortable with. I was nervous when we first sat down together, but soon realized that I was in good hands. The day I met Mona Hill was the day my life changed for the Better.          Thank you, Mona!


Thank you Mona
 Letting Everyone Be Who They Are.

Mona understood the day I sat in her office ready to explode. I couldn't make sense of what I wanted to say because of childhood trauma and frustration about growing up in Foster Care. I wasn't making sense but Mona  asked "What do you want the answer to be?"

The light in my brain switched on, and with Mona's patience and help I was about to work through the hardest experience of my life. As a proud Trans man, Mona accepted me as I presented, and made me feel comfortable in my skin before I even knew what I wanted my skin to look like.

Thank you Mona for letting everyone be who they are, in the NOW, and do not yet understand our own potential.

Centering Self

It takes a lot of courage for an individual to seek out personal, professional counselling services for the first time in their adult life. Respect, trust, truth, and confidentiality need time to build and prioritize a relationship between one another. In my case, Mona was my first point of contact.          I immediately embraced her services. Her attention to my needs, guidance, and support was offered in heartfelt manner. Her services have provided me with invaluable knowledge, resources, skills, and strategies to assisted my healing journey that includes, domestic violence survivor, post-divorce, and safety issues.                                                      I now re-imagine life with more confidence and am  armed with an arsenal of tools that I apply each day.
Thank you Mona for the advice.     
Your work is immeasurable.                                    
I am grateful for you in my life. Keep up the great work!

Working Together 
Mona is one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. We have a personal and a professional relationship. When we first met, little did I know when having life conversations like most friends do, she will always provide me with kind words and has helped me move beyond years of struggling with childhood trauma.
In our professional relationship, she delivered Smart Recovery addictions training to some of the inmates who I worked with in the Regina Correctional Centre. 
The inmate’s response to her was amazing considering they had not worked with her before. She controlled the room by showing empathy, and active listening skills
. Every inmate felt heard and understood.

mona ignite.jpg

    " I discovered that being someone you are not

         is often easier than living with the person

         that you are"  -
                             Richard Wagamese
                       Author Of "'Indian Horse"


       “I’ve come to understand that the pain of                                                                           a wound or a loss is over as it happens.                Meet Mona Hill                           What follows is the pain of getting well." 

                                Richard Wagamese


        " What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

                                  Sheryl Sandburg                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

              My work is dedicated to anti-oppressive counselling                                      while always focused on your personal needs

I am committed to helping individuals on and beyond the        Rainbow Spectrum, Transgender & 2 Spirit  individuals       seeking compassionate, understanding support


I believe in the healing power of music, dance,

visual & other forms of creative arts,

comedy relief, personal writing and story telling

           Out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing                                                     There Is A Field.                                         I'll Meet You There

Where the soul lies down in the grass
And the world is too full to talk about


Be sure to check out my 'ABOUT' page above  

  My experience is working with clients from 15 to seniors.              If you are looking for child counselling please refer to                  Ehrlo Counselling Services @     



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